Farmers of the World Unite

Over the past few weeks the major news story not to make the fake stream media is the Farmer’s protests in Holland.

Like the Canadian Freedom Trucker’s movement, farmers are coming out across the country with tractors and heavy machinery to blockade roads, spray manure on government offices and basically do everything they can to push back on catastrophic government mandates which, while ostensibly something to do with “climate change” and reducing pollution, certainly hide other agendas more to do with taking over the food supply and expropriating land. Whatever the real reasons, they are not good, and will surely lead to rising food prices and shortages across Europe.

Having just seen the Sri Lankan government fall to mass protests as a result of very similar “green” policies, there are real fears the same globalist policies, stemming from UN Agenda 2030, will be aggressively implemented across the world, creating a kind of global Holodomor, perhaps with the deliberate intention of reducing world population.

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The Psychology of Denial

Some case studies

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G. is a 40-year-old mother with a 15-year-old daughter living in a village outside Bratislava. She works as an accountant for a large tech company in Bratislava and is annoyed at the recent instructions to come into the office four days a week. “For some people it may be necessary, but honestly for what I have to do, I can do it just as well from home.” One of the main problems for her is the commute- she estimates it could cost her some 300euros a month extra for the 40km round trip, and in response found a bargain electric vehicle which at the moment can be filled very cheaply. “It’s a good solution for us for the moment, though I don’t suppose the price will stay so low.”

We talk a little about inflation and how it is impacting daily life. “We have to be very careful with everything we spend nowadays, we have nothing spare. I just don’t understand how this can happen- suddenly everything is going up in price, we are losing our savings, young people are unable to buy a flat or house. Nobody understands why this happened so suddenly.”

If you had just crawled out from under a rock where you had been hiding the past couple of years you might indeed be perplexed as to the apparent abrupt economic collapse being experienced around the world. Is it worth asking whether there might have been some truly extraordinary and unprecedented government actions recently that might possibly have lead to the current crisis or at the very least played a role? Hmmm…

I suggest to her that the causes of inflation are very well known- a direct result of the lockdowns, restricting goods and services while simultaneously flooding the economy vast quantities of new money, but G. wasn’t having any of it.

She shook her head in grim resignation. “I don’t think anyone knows. The world is just so complicated these days, there are so many competing unpredictable factors involved. “


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Papers, Please

My name is Graham and I am barred from restaurants, bars and an increasing number of public places because I refuse to subscribe to the #NewNormal official Covidian ideology.

As has been clear for well over a year, the purpose of the lockdowns was, in addition to totalitarian control and massive wealth transfer through destruction of small businesses, to offer “vaccines” (experimental gene therapies) as a passport to freedom.

This process has advanced seemingly inexorably albeit at different rates around the world. Israel set the pace by enforcing jabs and “Green passes” some months ago, and already millions of Israelis are finding the passport to freedom is only temporary, requiring boosters every 6 months at least. Many will soon be having their 4th jab.

“They won’t ban you from restaurants, not in Slovakia” one of my students assured me earlier in the year, but that is exactly what they are now doing. It was always inevitable it would come here too, but still shocking to be refused service for the first time, as happened to us last weekend. More surprisingly, this was on an outside terrace which was otherwise full. Many if not most restaurants and bars around Bratislava and presumably the whole country now display “OTP” signs giving entry only to those showing proof of being fully jabbed, with a current test (48hrs) or within 6 months recovery from Covid.

This is not yet universal, and there are certainly places who do not yet discriminate. At least one cinema specifically advertises no restrictions. Nor is it clear that posting a sign necessarily means it will be enforced- at least not yet. It is inevitable however that restrictions will tighten in the coming weeks, and police inspections have been reported in some parts of the country.

Vaccination rates in the Bratislava are claimed to be over 75%, while outside the country they are much lower, probably less than 50%, as is general support for the government and Covid restrictions in general. There is a clear class divide between the young urban professionals and well-off “Bratislava cafe” society of the city who can comfortably work from home, and the ordinary working people who tend to show as elsewhere that having higher education is likely to make you more, not less vulnerable to propaganda and subservience to government diktats. As is probably the case in many ex-Soviet countries, there is also a pervasive fatalistic attitude of doing the bare minimum to get around or satisfy irrational and oppressive government mandates while continuing with daily life as normally as possible.

So far, Slovakia has remained relatively free compared to many other parts of the world. France, Cyprus, Italy, New York, Australia and many other places have had far more restrictive use of the “health pass” for some time. Italy recently became the first country to mandate jabs for all workers, while tens of thousands of health workers in France, New York and the UK have been or are soon to be fired for resisting the #NewNormal. In Romania, a curfew from 8pm-5am applies to the unvaccinated only. There seems no limit to the degree of coercion governments are prepared to use to get the population jabbed. They seem to be intent on literally starving us into submission.

This article gives a detailed account of the situation in Lithuania, where a pass is needed to access nearly all public spaces including most shops, is mandated by many companies for their employees, and is also a requirement for accessing medical care and other official state services.

Restaurants and bars also strictly enforce the Opportunity Pass. A small cafe doesn’t have the manpower of a huge business to put guards at the door to stop you from entering. But staff are strict in asking for your documents before you order. For example, I’ve confirmed that every restaurant and cafe in my area requires the Opportunity Pass and refuses service to non-Pass holders.

Most enforcement is done by private businesses, but government inspectors also conduct spot checks. For example, a local restaurant owner told me that inspectors unexpectedly entered his place last week. Using a scanning app, the inspectors went from person to person to verify that everyone in the restaurant – customers and staff – had a valid Opportunity Pass and matching ID. Fortunately for the restaurant owner, he’s strict about barring non-Pass holders, so the inspectors found that every person did indeed have a valid Opportunity Pass. If anyone didn’t, the owner would have been fined.

In Switzerland, France and Canada, protesters- vaxxed and un-vaxxed alike, have responded by hosting their own picnics outside empty restaurants demanding the pass. In New York, groups of determined people have entered diners en masse demanding to be served.

The media rhetoric is reaching extremely dangerous levels, with calls for the unvacciinated to be denied work, medical care, education or any role in society at all. Here is Jeremy Vine, a well-known UK TV presenter, calling for the unvaccinated to be held down and forcible injected:

There can be no rational reason for Vax passes other than for state surveillance. If the vax works, those who need it and want it are protected. If it doesnt work, medical apartheid based on vax status clearly has no purpose. The absurd claims by many officials and “health advisors” that there may be a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” when the jabbed are just as likely to spread it, is a complete denial of natural immunity, almost certainly more robust and broader than the vaccine- otherwise why would regular boosters be needed? Testing for immunity would have been a perfectly sensible alternative approach, should such a thing be necessary for a disease with a 99.7% survival rate, but has apparently not shown up on the radar of our leaders or their advisory panels. Many experts believe the vaccines are ineffective against variants, that those who have had Covid could be much more at risk from adverse events, and that in any case there was already widespread pre-existing immunity in the population. This is after all a coronavirus, in the same family of viruses as the common cold.

There is every indication the endgame will be a Chinese social credit style system, with the health pass linked to every aspect of your life including digital currency, allowing the government to track and control citizens to an extent previously only dreamt of by megalomaniacal tyrants.

There is abundant evidence, and official acknowledgment, that the quackcine does not prevent infection or transmission, making any such segregation entirely redundant. An unvaccinated but immune through previous infection or cross-immunity from other coronaviruses in the past will be excluded from a restaurant which a vaccinated but virus-spreading individual is welcome in. These mandates are clearly not about health, but about governments pimping for Big Pharma, who are making hundreds of billions by essentially replacing human’s natural immunity with an untested and extremely dangerous product which will have to be injected into everyone repeatedly just to stand still.

By instigating unprecedented draconian lockdowns and removing fundamental human rights overnight for indefinite periods, governments around the world have been able to hold their populations to ransom, luring them into digital slavery through mandatory injections that are confirmed by digital mobility licenses. Many political leaders have either been bought by the pharmaceutical companies, or are being blackmailed.

Moreover the shots have caused tens of thousands of deaths and likely millions of adverse events including many serious and life-changing. The jabs are now being aimed at increasingly young children who are at no risk from the disease, with some dying and teenage boys in particular being at risk from myocarditis among many other adverse health events. In order to achieve this, governments are luring them in with promises of “freedom” to participate in sports and events that are in reality their birthright.

The New Normal bio-surveillance state will bring an apartheid that is already transforming free democracies into hideous tyrannies around the world. People I have spoken with over the past few months who largely go along with every aspect of Covidian government over-reach insist that such mandates are nothing new, that showing your health status- until just last year considered sacrosanct and protected by GDPR- to get a cup of coffee is no different from (largely) compulsory childhood vaccines, or paying taxes (sic) or are not really mandatory anyway- “it’s entirely your choice.” Even now, with some companies requiring weekly testing and masks even for the double-jabbed, sheep-like compliance seems wide-spread. Will more people wake up after the third, fourth and fifth shot? We can assume that yes, many will, but not necessarily enough or soon enough. Far too many people seem still asleep, unaware or unconcerned at the drastic and possibly irreversible changes that are taking place within their society, changes which will fundamentally change citizen’s relationship with each other as well as to the state.

Beyond any debate about the science and efficacy of vaccines, stands the fundamental inalienable fact of individual bodily sovereignty. For governments to have the right to mandate such medical interventions on every man, woman and child represents a reversal of democratic liberal values so extreme as to be beyond anything previously imaginable. Obviously if governments can do this, they can force you to take any medical treatment. Forced sterilisation? Medical experiments? Forced organ transplants? Though these might sound extreme, they all have uncomfortable precedents.

It is time to learn from history and reject the #NewNormal.

World War 3 and the Battle for Freedom

We live in extraordinary times. Tyranny of a kind never before seen is spreading rapidly throughout the world. In just a few months, countries which had been seen as bastions of liberal democracy have been turned into oppressive dictatorships to rival North Korea. We are in fact living through what is being described as World War Three- this time a war of globalist governments against their own people.

Yet what is most extraordinary is that the majority seem unaware, being hypnotised or brainwashed by the media who, along with most governments, academia, Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex, are moving in lockstep to implement the great Reset aka the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Covid narrative has moved on from lockdowns to the far more insidious spectre of mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports and the total digital control that will accompany them.

The summer in Slovakia has been much more relaxed and closer to the situation last year than I feared. Apart from international travel- the unjabbed require 14-day home quarantine on returning to the country from anywhere, with test-to-release on day 5- domestic restrictions have all but disappeared bar indoor masking. We have been able to enjoy a near-normal summer and even managed a couple of trips, holiday to Spain in June and a short (quarantined) visit to my parents in England last month.

But we only need to keep an eye on world events to see what is coming this autumn. Medical apartheid and segregation is already well advanced in many countries, with ever-more desperate attempts by governments to inject every man woman and child with an experimental gene therapy.

Much of Canada and Australia is under hard lockdown. Canberra locked down this week on the excuse of just a single case. The beaches are closed and helicopters fly overhead warning people to stay at home. The police are patrolling the streets backed up by the army rendering some cities effectively under martial law. Law enforcement officers are going house to house and sending anyone who is not where they should be to detention quarantine camps. The Victorian premier Dan Andrews, in one of many examples of increasingly deranged Covid restrictions, has pointedly banned people from removing their masks to drink outside.

New Zealand is just as much under the boot of the Chinese Communist Party, following an equally insane “zero Covid” policy, aka totalitarianism on steroids. The Prime Minister has announced that the borders will remain closed until at least next year, and has told the population “don’t talk to your neighbours”.

In Europe, France is first out of the gate mandating the quackcine pass, now required for access to nearly all public services and spaces including outside terraces. France also leads the way in the pushback however, with increasingly massive protests of vaxxed and un-vaxxed alike across the country, and many are boycotting restaurants that enforce the pass, even bringing their own furniture and refreshments to create pop-up cafes in town squares, while there are reports of many businesses simply ignoring the mandates. Is the main focus here to introduce the digital ID or simply coerce the young to get jabbed, as in Israel?

In the UK, restrictions have been largely lifted for everyday life but mandates are creeping in in certain sectors like health care and big events, and in Slovakia also we are beginning to hear rumblings about mandates for health workers. These are likely to increase in the autumn with general lockdowns being replaced by “lockdowns for the unvaccinated only” and we will find ourselves increasingly marginalised before being blamed and witch-hunted for being responsible for the inevitable new scariants later in the year.

The writer C.J. Hopkins started a powerful response to medical apartheid now being taken up by people all over the world.

This is of course absurd. If your shot works, why should I need mine? Even the official narrative now accepts that the jabbed are as likely to spread Delta as the unjabbed. Manufacturers never claimed their experimental shots would stop transmission, only reduce severity of the disease, and herd immunity has almost certainly already been reached since the virus will have passed through much of the population anyway, with natural immunity being far broader and long-lasting. Mandating universal vaccines is anti-science, and completely denies the existence of natural immunity, or the vast disparity in risk between the young and the old. Yet governments seem determined to jab even children at ever-younger ages, even without parental consent.

In Australia, thousands of school age children and teenagers are being herded into giant arenas and jabbed without their parents’ consent or presence.

Data from around the world is showing increasingly clearly that vaccine efficacy is short-lived and, since it may displace broader natural immunity, may leave people more vulnerable to Delta:

The hapless vaccinated, who either took the shot having swallowed the kool-aid, or in order to travel and “for freedom”, are already finding their status as “fully vaccinated” is short-lived and boosters will soon be required.

Petty bribes from pizzas and hotdogs to lottery prizes are being offered for what is claimed to be an essential medical treatment

Moreover, there is compelling evidence the vaccines are not only ineffective against the dominant Delta variant, but are likely to be actually causing the emergence of resistant variants. Meanwhile, there have been more deaths from the Convid vax in a few months than from all vaccines in the previous 15 years, along with countless serious side-effects. Worse still, there are stark warnings from senior scientists of widespread deaths coming over the next few years as those vaccinated meet the wild virus and suffer from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

Despite widespread censorship, the truth about the jabs is slowly being acknowledged even in mainstream news outlets and many leading scientists have spoken out against this unprecedented vaccine program, even at great risk to their own careers and reputations:

Dr. Mike Yeadon, for Pfizer VP and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology

Simone Gold has been outspoken from the start, here talking more about treatments which have been suppressed in order to push the vax.

Sunetra Gupta, co-author of the Greta Barrington Declaration, is more mainstream, being quite strongly vaccine in general but highly critical of mass vaccination of children who are already largely immune to the virus.

Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most published Covid experts in the world and has become an outspoken critic of pandemic measures as well as the vaccine program.

Dr Sam White is a British doctor currently facing threats of suspension of his licence for speaking out against the government’s reckless and irrational response to Covid.

Professor Christian Perronne is a previous chair of France’s High Council on Public Health and has spoken out calling Covid policy “stupid and unethical”.

These and countless other medical professionals have risked their careers and public vilification for speaking the truth. With very few exceptions, the mainstream media has sidelined them or ignored them, while Big Tech has waged a concerted campaign of censorship against anyone who speaks out agains the mainstream narrative.

Some suggest that the elites have over-played their hand, and that they may not have bargained for even the resistance they have so far received, and are worried that the extensive vaccine injuries and deaths cannot be kept under wraps for long. Protests are growing and more and more people are beginning to at least have doubts about what they are being told, which perhaps explains the increasingly unhinged desperation to jab everyone by the authorities. It’s too early to say that the tide is turning, but for now it feels like the calm before the storm, that events are escalating and must very soon come to a head one way or another.

Pandemic of Fear

Book Review- A State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth

May 2021

320 pages

A State of Fear | White Rose Book Cafe

Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said in his 1933 inaugural address that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. In the context of the Great Depression, he was referring to how fear can hamper efforts to solve situations and recover from difficult times.

In another context, it takes on a rather different and more sinister meaning- how fear itself can be weaponised against the population by totalitarian governments. In this landmark book Laura Dodsworth charts how the British government has been doing exactly this in the Covid-19 crisis, using fear of an unknown, invisible enemy- a virus- to coerce the public to accept previously unthinkable lockdowns and socially destructive distancing and quarantines, effectively dismantling the very fabric of society without firing a shot and relatively minimal police enforcement.

The book opens with Dodsworth’s personal reaction to “Fright Night”, when Johnson tells the country to lockdown, “inducing fear and evoking war and authoritarianism.” From that point on, she says,

the risk of death was energetically amplified, particularly during the 6pm and 10pm news broadcasts and on newspaper front pages. The Downing Street briefings were characterised by authority figures in suits on raised podiums and yellow and black chevroned signage warning danger, danger, danger.

Vast amounts of government resources and public money have been spent terrifying the public into “following the rules” through a combination of politically biased studies, dodgy statistics and a captive (or complicit) and censorious media scrupulously scrubbing any alternative points of view, no matter how well qualified. The captive and complicit media has been only to willing to sing to the government’s tune when, having closed so many other businesses, state propaganda has become their main source of advertising revenue.

The infamous Imperial College models– funded by Bill gates and the Chinese Communist Party- that predicted half a million deaths sans lockdown were based on flawed assumptions that took no account of pre-existing immunity- we have after all lived for millennia with coronaviruses. Nor did they consider the spontaneous changes in people’s behaviour on perceiving a real threat, or the already well-understood vast age stratification- older people are 1000x more times at risk of death than children. It was however sufficiently frightening to throw the entire population into an unprecedented lockdown. Similar tactics have been used repeatedly, as in the graph used by government advisor’s Whitty and Vallance to justify the second lockdown in October, showing a scary graph on TV predicting a completely implausible 4000 deaths a day. No scrutiny or cross-examination was permitted, just fear.

It is not surprising to most people that populations can be relatively easily scared, or that fear is used as a political tool, but this book gives us a rare behind-the-scenes look at the dark and sinister machinations of government propaganda through detailed research and a series of enlightening interviews, and introduces us to the extensive and highly developed governmental organisations that constitute what is essentially a modern-day Ministry of Truth.

Take the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) known as the “nudge unit” for example. With a global reach, through the BIT, “Britain is teaching governments around the world how to follow its model of nudging citizens into doing what is ‘best’ for them.”

Or the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) which infamously published in its report of March 22nd 2020 Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures :

A substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group, although levels of concern may be rising … the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging. To be effective this must also empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat.

The trappings of fear can be seen everywhere: Incident tape surrounding playgrounds and park benches, circles on the floor to keep social distance, ubiquitous masks serving as a constant reminder of a killer virus at large, the daily liturgy of death statistics on the media, posters of people on respirators in hospital asking you to “look into their eyes and tell them you followed the rules” or reminding you that “anyone can have it, anyone can spread it” have all played a role in terrorising the public into accepting the dismantling of society and the removal of basic freedoms that have been considered sacrosanct for centuries. Without these all-pervasive visible reminders that we live in constant danger from each other, fear of the virus would long since have rescinded.

No leader with the countries’ best interests at heart would act in this way. Rather, a responsible approach would be to reassure, give the basic facts in a balanced manner and let people do their own risk assessments, just as pandemic plans pre-March 2020 clearly advised.

Scared? Stay at home, wear a mask, self-isolate, whatever- but leave everyone else alone to get on with their lives. At no point was any of the government interventions necessary.

Dodsworth’s book contains some revealing interviews. One Whitehall insider expressed concern over the way behavioural psychology has taken over the country:

They told me that they are ‘stunned by the weaponisation of behavioural psychology over the last five years’ and that ‘psychology and behavioural science are feted above everything else. The psychologists didn’t seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic and became manipulative. They have too much power and it intoxicates them.’

The psychology of fear, why it is so effective and so hard to break free from, are considered, along with the devastating impacts of a year and a half of state-sponsored fear-mongering. A substantial proportion of the population seem traumatised, and likely to continue mask-wearing and social distancing even after restrictions are lifted, if they ever are. Children especially badly effected, with record referrals to mental health services and increase in suicides. The NHS, far from being saved, now has a waiting list of over 12million, while the bill for Covid measures now exceeds 400 Billion pounds.

There is one point where I feel the author fails to complete joining the dots:

Fear was an open door – naturally, because we were in an epidemic. The government didn’t need to so much as knock on the door. It didn’t have to open it for us, and politely say, after you. It certainly didn’t need to use a battering ram.

This begs the question of whether there ever was a pandemic? In 2009 the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic to be any widely spreading infectious disease, regardless of mortality rates. The WHO themselves support Ioannidis’ assessment of an IFR of 0.2%, equivalent to seasonal influenza. Excess deaths in the UK are highest only since 2008. With an average age of death of 82, most with co-morbidities, the vast majority of the population have little to fear from Covid. The only conclusion is that the only pandemic we have experienced is one purely of fear.

This is an important contribution to the growing literature on the Great Hysteria, asking probing questions and revealing a great deal about how the government is working to brainwash the public. It should be on everyone’s reading list, and has already been selling very well. Hopefully it continue to do so and make a great impact, opening people’s eyes and maybe waking a few of them up. Buy a few copies for all your friends and relatives who might still have some functioning braincells, before it it too late.

Climate Change is the Next Covid

In an extraordinary sting operation earlier this month, Project Veritas obtained a clandestine recording of the CNN Technical Director admitting that, due to Covid fatigue, “our next thing is going to be climate change awareness“.

There’s a definitive ending to the pandemic. It’ll taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore….

I think there’s a COVID fatigue. So, like whenever a new story comes up, they’re [CNN’s] going to latch onto it. They’ve already announced in our office that once the public is — will be open to it — we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate.

It’s going to be our [CNN’s] focus. Like our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was, right? So, our next thing is going to be climate change awareness.

When asked what that would look like, he replied

I don’t know. I’m not sure. I have a feeling that it’s going to be like, constantly showing videos of decline in ice, and weather warming up, and like the effects it’s having on the economy–

[so that’s like the next] Pandemic-like story that we’ll beat to death, but that one’s got longevity. You know what I mean? Like there’s a definitive ending to the pandemic. It’ll taper off to a point that it’s not a problem anymore. Climate change can take years, so they’ll [CNN will] probably be able to milk that quite a bit

Charlie Chester, CNN technical Director

This blatant admission that the media can and does whip up panics and scares at will should come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to both climate and Covid scams, but is still remarkable to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Before Covid of course, the media’s principle obsession was Greta “How Dare You!” Thunberg and the promotion of eco-guilt.

Patrick Wood, who has written about the rise of technocracy and the long-standing goals of global elites to move to a one world government, has argued however that climate change on its own was not enough to push through their agenda. It was too abstract for more people, to far removed from daily concerns of making ends meet, and most of all, there were no dead bodies to point to. Covid-19 however was able to supply said dead bodies- in so far, that is, they died within 28 days of a positive PCR test.

A few fake Chinese videos of people collapsing in the streets, a redefinition of “pandemic” by the WHO to mean any widespread disease even with very low mortality, tight control of the media narrative to spread fear into the population, and a relatively mild respiratory virus was able to achieve overnight what had remained out of reach to climate change activists for decades.

Covid shares both the goals and much of the rhetoric of climate change: both are social engineering projects on a grand scale, intended to replace free market economies with centrally planned and controlled totalitarian states in which all individual rights and aspirations are subsumed to “the science”. Democracy is barely an afterthought and will have no place in such schemes. The public is to be frightened through the use of endless propaganda and government decrees into abandoning their sovereignty entirely in the service of Saving the Planet. No alternative can be broached, anyone who disagrees is a “denier”, and the ultimate goal is “zero Covid” / “zero carbon emissions.”

Despite countless billions already being spent on green follies like windfarms and endless rounds of treaties being formed at the highest international levels, the ultimate demands of the greens have always seemed insanely unrealistic if you actually bother to do the maths. There was a limit to how far societies would go to meeting carbon targets because soon they would run up against reality: the proposed “solutions” were not just far too costly but would actually mean the end of modern industrialised life and economies as we know it. Modern industry could never be powered by intermittent and diffuse wind- or solar-energy, and proposals to phase out fossil fuels- particularly since nuclear was generally also off the table- could only mean the end of economic growth and a drastic reduction of living standards, something which presumably the public would finally reject.

But Covid lockdowns changed all that and made the impossible possible. Suddenly, the planes stopped flying and the roads were empty. The WEF, in a tweet they later deleted, lauded lockdowns as “quietly improving cities around the world”. Far from being the catastrophic public health policy they clearly have been, lockdowns were seen as something to be welcomed, or at least to try to see the bright side of, as the environment at least might be a winner. “Climate change lockdowns” are being seriously proposed as being necessary every two years to cut carbon emissions. In unison, governments around the world urged this as an opportunity to “Build back Better”- revealing their true agenda of radical social transformation under the guise of public health and environmental policy.

If the links between climate and Covid were not so apparent, Boris Johnson’s address last November hailing the UK’s green New Deal would have come across as one of the most incongruous events of the past year, as well as being badly out of touch and insensitive to a nation under huge stress from the lockdowns. But seen in the broader agenda of the Great Reset- the latest phase of Agenda 21 which has been being implemented incrementally for years- it makes perfect sense.

The UK’s economy had been wrecked by months of business closures and furlough, but rather than some good news, or at least some indication of a constructive plan, the UK Prime Minister chose instead to wax lyrical about Britain’s Great Green Future with an ambitious 10-point plan for a “Green Industrial Revolution”.

Rather than providing some succour to the countless businesses destroyed and jobs lost from lockdowns, we were informed that vast resources would be ploughed into policies to address climate change, including the banning of all new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, a big push to switch to so-called “green energy” ie wind, a phasing our of gas-fired home heating, and an increase in cycle lanes.

Covid has thus facilitated a rapid ramping-up of green policies which have been becoming more prominent over the past 30 years. A report from Cambridge University in 2019, Absolute Zero, argues that all airports will have to close by 2050. In line with this, France has recently moved to ban all short-haul domestic flights to cut carbon emissions. How convenient then that in the name of Covid, the past year has seen a reversal of open borders in Europe and previously inconceivable restrictions on travel. There is zero likelihood of things ever returning to the way they were pre-March 2020 under these schemes. The next generation will not be waved off with their backpacks on a world trip with the blessing “The World is your oyster!”- it is more likely to be their prison if the globalists get their way.

The prevailing culture of Malthussianism

I used to be a Dark Green environmentalist, gloomily predicting eco-doom from over-population, resource depletion and climate apocalypse. Collapse seemed imminent and for a while I had a minor side-gig giving talks advising people to prepare for collapse by growing their own vegetables and organising local trading schemes.

Over time the irrationality and religious fanaticism of the green movement became impossible to ignore and I became increasingly at odds with the millenarian cultish aspects. Scratch beneath the surface and it becomes clear that far from being a touchy-feeling caring and progressive force focussed on living in harmony with nature, political environmentalism is a fully-fledged anti-human Malthusian cult, and by elevating the environment to the level of a god (or goddess) it necessarily denigrates humanity.

Moreover, environmentalism has its roots in the eugenics movement, and it is this that disturbingly segues into the cult of Covid-1984. The Great and the Good from David Attenborough to Prince Charles and Prince Philip have enthusiastically assumed roles as figureheads for this movement, scaring the world with omens of “10 years to save the planet” and referring to humans as being a cancer on the the face of the earth. “The real enemy is us”.

Prince Philip quote: If I were reincarnated I would wish ...

Both British PM Boris Johnson and his father Stanley Johnson– who wrote a number of books on the subject – were concerned about overpopulation, seeing it as an increasingly pressing issue. Both seem to see the solution as being in government programs rather than allowing the demographic transition to take its course. In contrast, most demographers accept that population is self-regulating over a couple of generations, as economic growth gives more freedom to women and large families tend to disappear with a move away from subsistence farming.

But mere population reduction falls short of the globalists’ agenda. Green Marxist policies will inexorably lead to general impoverishment and deprivation the current generations, still expecting progress and affluence, have no inkling of. Electric cars will be unaffordable but for the wealthy and their range and “smartness”- ie surveillance technology- will seriously limit how far they can take you. Energy of all kinds will be vastly more expensive and ultimately turned off altogether, all in the name of limiting carbon. As Dave Cullen suggests in this video covering many of the same points discussed here, Covid facemasks may in fact be really designed as a symbolic if not actual restriction on exhaling CO2. Thus humans are reduced to nothing more than bags of viral infection and sources of pollution.

Apart from the 0.01% global elite who will be free to fly around the globe on private jets wherever they wish, the future planned for those remaining after what I will euphemistically call population reduction – but which might be more accurately thought of as a cull or genocide- will be truly dystopian. Herded into crowded cities, fed with mealworms and “paid” only with a limited allowance of digital bytes, the rest of Nature will be able to gradually rewild as the Utopian Green Dream is realised and the world is finally purged of the cancer that is Humanity.

The scary part is that green brainwashing has gone so deep that these ideas are surprisingly popular even within much of the general population, which perhaps explains partly why lockdowns have met with such little resistance. Such is the decline of the west that people have come to hate themselves and each other and feel they deserve no better.

We are all Uyghurs now

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud

Kate Wand’s film based on the letter

An important open letter has been sent by attorney Michael P. Senger, and co-signatories made up of scientists, lawyers and doctors to the FBI and other western intelligence agencies, alerting to them of the role the Chinese Communist Party played in perpetrating a “fraud of unprecedented scale”– the CCP Global Lockdown Lockdown Fraud.

This remarkable document calls for a federal investigation into “issues of a potential criminal nature” perpetrated by members of the Chinese government, the WHO and other scientists and political leaders around the world, concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

Given the gravity of the decisions being made, we cannot ignore the possibility that the entire “science” of COVID-19 lockdowns has been a fraud of unprecedented proportion, deliberately promulgated by the Chinese Communist Party and its collaborators to impoverish the nations who implemented it.

Lockdowns have their origin in China, and Senger argues that they are the direct personal creation of the Chinese premier Xi Jinping, who experimented on the Uyghur population as a form of “re-education” before exporting them to the west in a bold move to drastically weaken our economies. In this fully referenced and detailed letter, extensive evidence is presented as to how this fraud was perpetrated, and by who.

Lockdowns have no science supporting their effectiveness, while the WHO and many other state health agencies had previously advised against blanket lockdowns prior to March 2020.

They have never been tried before. During the 1957 Asian flu pandemic- which killed between 1 and 4 million people worldwide, were rejected as an option because they don’t work and have unacceptable, catastrophic impacts on society.

there is no practical advantage in the closing of schools or the curtailment of public gatherings as it relates to the spread of this disease

Moreover, numerous studies published during the lockdowns of the past year have found them to be no more effective than other far less costly and damaging interventions such as basic hygiene and voluntary quarantining of the sick. A recent study found that harms caused by lockdowns outweighed any benefits tenfold.

China lied about its own lockdown of 11million people in Hubei province in February 2020, claiming it had successfully overcome the virus after six-weeks, using this brutal “non-pharmaceutical intervention” for the first time in history on this scale. The WHO, under the directorship of Tedros- himself potentially under investigation for crimes against humanity- lavished praise on China for its bold move and instructed the rest of the world to follow suit: “You must lockdown”. This was enacted upon indiscriminately without any regard to the differences between countries either of their economies, demographics or even incidence of Covid.

A key driver in this process of convincing the rest of the world to close its economies, schools and severely limit all social contact was the alarmist models from Imperial College, self-described as “China’s Best Academic Partner in the West”, already with a track-record of absurdly inflated and failed projections for deaths from swine flu, bird flu and foot-and-mouth disease. Their model predicted for example 2000 deaths a day by December in the UK, when the actual number never reached 400. Imperial college is heavily funded by China and considered so important that Xi Jinping himself visited in 2015. In a similar way, industry, state agencies and academia all over the world have been heavily infiltrated and have been effectively controlled by China for many years.

Everything thereafter necessary to scare the world into lockdown came from China- recommendations of use of mechanical ventilation, which were found to be lethal but increased the death rate; the fraudulent PCR-testing regimes universally used to produce a fake “casedemic” with high numbers of false positives; fake studies claiming to show asymptomatic transmission, previously almost unknown in similar viruses; and a systematic propaganda campaign including fake videos of people falling over in the street and armies of Twitter trolls accusing political leaders who were slow to impose restrictions of “genocide”.

The letter goes onto detail widespread corruption across the world, with scientific lockdown supporters, government advisors and senior health officials advocating lockdowns having demonstrably close ties to China. In each case, they have shown an extraordinary indifference to the devastating impact of lockdowns across societies where they have been implemented, and little interest in lifting the restrictions.

Commenting on the apparent compliance and credulity of the public in response to these ineffective, immoral, fraudulent and utterly self-destructive measures, the writers conclude:

Throughout 2020, lockdown measures have been quite popular, but that popularity is deceptive. For the general public, the idea that anyone might accept some outside incentive to support such devastating policies while knowing them to be ineffective — needlessly bankrupting millions of families and depriving millions of children of education and food — is, quite simply, too dark. Thus, the public supports lockdowns because the alternative — that they might have been implemented without good cause — is a possibility too evil for most to contemplate. But those who know history know that others with superficially excellent credentials have done even worse for even less.

One of the co-signers, attorney Stacey Rudin has pointed out on Twitter that they are well aware the security agencies who are receiving the letter already know the about the contents; “we are just letting them know that we know.” Back in the summer, Michael Senger was already asking, why has there been so little interest in from the security community? Why have they not acted to stop this scam? The obvious answer is that they, like most of the world’s governments and agencies of all kinds are implicated and corrupted already, hardly surprising to many.

But we can only hope that this document, and Kate Wand’s accompanying film (above), are beginning to be picked up by the national press, and goes a long way to bring the evidence into the public eye, which might encourage more opposition to lockdowns at least put some pressure on authorities.

Facing the Great Reset in 2021

The first 10 days into the new year have already seen high drama. With the extraordinary events in Washington on January 6th leading to the Night of the Long Keystrokes as Twitter deleted the President’s account and began a purge of thousands of conservatives from their platforms, it feels like the globalists are showing their hand ever more clearly. This is a dangerous time with the democrats calling for impeachment for Trump supporters to be criminalised as terrorists. This will hardly lead to the unification of the country the incoming administration is promising. Instead, the US is looking increasingly like China with every passing day.

All democratic values have been under threat since last spring and now the pressure is being ramped up very rapidly. We are being lead by psychopaths with god-complexes who believe they have the right to determine the future of the whole of humanity who they wish to enslave permanently. That they have managed to fool most of the world’s population with a scam pandemic is only reinforcing their belief that they are vastly superior and we are just their play-things, rats in a cage for them to do with and experiment on as they please.

Many reading this will dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist, including many who know me well as a rational well balanced person who is not prone to making wild outlandish predictions. If this applies to you, I am unlikely to persuade you at this stage, but you may still like to read on for amusement. It will give me no satisfaction to be able to say “I told you so” further down the line, and by then it will be too late anyway. A surprisingly large proportion of the population seem so incapable of ever questioning authority they will never accept the truth even as they are being fed to the wolves.

The current restrictions we have been experiencing since March last year are nothing to with a virus, which is only a pretext to generate fear. Covid-19 did increase deaths in spring for a short while but we know that overall is that this virus is not much worse than a bad flu, and the response of unprecedented lockdowns, masks and social distancing is completely disproportionate. This is not about epidemiology, but control.

The lockdowns, previously unknown to science or the general public, are fake CCP “science” sold by China to a naive and panicked west to destroy our economies. According to Michael Senger and a team of scientists and health professionals in a letter just published to several western security agencies, lockdowns constitute a “fraud of unprecedented proportion.” By corrupting government agencies around the world, China has enacted a devastating blow against its rivals and is now close to global dominance.

Throughout 2020, lockdown measures have been quite popular, but that popularity is deceptive. For the general public, the idea that anyone might accept some outside incentive to support such devastating policies while knowing them to be ineffective — needlessly bankrupting millions of families and depriving millions of children of education and food — is, quite simply, too dark. Thus, the public supports lockdowns because the alternative — that they might have been implemented without good cause — is a possibility too evil for most to contemplate. But those who know history know that others with superficially excellent credentials have done even worse for even less.

The global elites orchestrating the lockdowns have almost complete control of the media, which has been pumping out a continual diet of fear-porn for months, with all contrary voices and opinions censored and ignored. Recent events in the US, seeing the President barred from numerous social media platforms while real despots make death threats with impunity, show how dangerously this can escalate. Many people consume government propaganda through their TV for hours every day, whipping themselves into a frenzy of terror about an invisible enemy. Yet everything the mainstream media, which is then endlessly parroted on social media, is a lie.

Statistics on deaths, hospitalisations and infections are simply fabricated or mis-represented out of context with nothing to compare to. For most countries, the death rate is comparable to a bad flu season. Hospitals are regularly overburdened in the winter season, a fact that frequently makes the front pages, but only the intense focus of the media this year has created the impression that this is a unique situation requiring drastic action.

The basis of this fraud is the PCR test which can give a “positive” result for nearly anything, and is incapable of identifying infectiousness. Once the number of deaths declined in the summer- respiratory diseases are seasonal- the media switched to reporting “cases” usually expressed as a total number, not a percentage. Want more “cases”? Then do more tests! Simple. Hospitalisations and deaths the same- all inpatients are tested for Covid, and the hospitals have a financial incentive for maximising “Covid” patients, filling the wards with even mild cases, while if anyone happens to die of any cause- be it a heart attack or in some cases even an accident- they can be labelled a “Covid” death after a positive test, shown on scary graphs later on the evening news. The response will always be demands for stricter measures.

This misattribution muddies the waters when looking at the impact of Covid on total mortality; but even in the US which has seen one of the highest levels of excess deaths, up a a third of these may have been a result of the lockdown, which has disrupted health services, lead to old people dying of neglect, and an increase in suicides amongst younger age groups. Since this virus mainly attacks the old and co-morbid, differences between countries is mainly explained by how bad the flu was last year- where there was a lot of flu deaths, Covid has been rather mild; where there was a mild flu season, leaving more people susceptible this year, deaths will be higher. But as the virus moves through the population and herd immunity develops- young people are scarcely affected- the virus will inevitably mutate into strains which are more infectious, but less deadly. A virus does not want to kill you, just replicate and spread, and the best way for it to do this is through young healthy people who will have mild symptoms.

The correct response was to protect the vulnerable, give more resources to hospitals, and otherwise carry on as normal, allowing herd immunity to build up naturally. There was never any excuse for locking up the entire population. Instead, we have killed countless elderly in cruel isolation, created an epidemic of mental illness, driven many to despair and suicide, and completely destroyed our economies. Given the considerable resources that continues to be put into propogandizing the population and controlling the patently false media narrative that there “is no alternative,” it stretches credulity to claim this is just bad management.

There are a large number of psychopaths in the population at large who are having their wet dreams of being able to legitimately control other human beings realised by the events of the past year. They are fanatically, hysterically calling for ever more stringent restrictions of the most sadistic nature, from masking small children and depriving them of a social life and education, to locking people in their homes, to condemning the elderly to finishing their lives in solitary confinement with all human contact prohibited. If we continue down this path, as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi warns, humanity will head to its doom.

The Road Ahead to Ruin

The sociopaths driving the Great Reset/aka Agenda 21/aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution/aka Build back Better- have no empathy for us. For them, lockdowns, forced vaccinations and digital IDs are a giant experiment. The end goal is for humanity to be controlled as a kind of sub-species to do the bidding of our overlords without even and free-will, simply chipped and programmed by algorithms while our rulers engage in fantasies of transhumanist immortality. For those who have been following the globalist agenda laid out by the World Economic Forum will already have a good idea of the direction in which we are headed.

Lockdowns will be indefinitely extended. While the precise rules may change and even be temporarily relaxed slightly, they are likely to get much stricter.

Everything will be forced online- shopping, education, health-care, entertainment and ofcourse, social media. Face-to-face meetings will become increasingly rare and unusual. Schools may not fully re-open, f at all. The family unit will come under increasing pressure.

All small and medium-sized businesses including hospitality will fold. Theatre, cinemas, gyms, pubs or restaurants will be a thing of the past for the vast majority of us. Unemployment will increase, along with poverty and eventually real hunger and food shortages.

Business districts in cities will be completely gutted and the entire real estate bought up for pennies on the pound or simply confiscated by the state. As increasing numbers of people will fall into debt, this appropriation of private property will include private homes as well. The vacant premises will be used to house immigrants or those evacuated from the countryside, as populations are herded into densely-packed cities where they can be more closely monitored and controlled. The rollout of 5G technology is intended to provide the infrastructure for constant surveillance.

Eventually, keeping true to the Hegelian-dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, having steered the ship into the iceberg and sunk it, the state will offer desperate citizens a lifeboat: this will take the form of a centralised digital banking system over which they will have complete control, accompanied by the end of cash. At the same time, ID2020 will mean digital health passports for all, perhaps on our phones or some wearable devices, and access to any services including food shops will require this pass.

Once this is achieved, the entire population will have been enslaved and the global elites will have achieved total control over us. Any dissent will simply be met with the state withdrawing- or closing- our digital bank accounts.

Continual vaccination will be enforced as the elites experiment with genetically engineering the surviving members of humanity. The ultimate goal is a self-regulating class of cyborgs who do all the work and provide necessary services, while the elite get to enjoy their self-appointed role of Masters of the Universe. They aspire to use all the world’s resources for their own benefit, and to limit resource use by the slave class (us) to the absolute minimum required to perform essential functions. The ruling class aspire to ultimately achieve eternal life through bio-engineering, and engage in space exploration.

What you can do

Is this rather grim outlook inevitable? No. It can be stopped if there is a mass awakening. The problem is, although this has been characterised as the Third World War, the enemy is everywhere and nowhere- we can see who is driving this assault on humanity, but we are not united. There are many here among us who also have been clamouring for population reduction and totalitarian control for a long time. Misanthropy has been carefully nurtured and propagated through the environmental movement for decades, and many have been conditioned to see their fellow humans as a virus that is spreading out of control. This more than anything else explains how this process is taking place.

But if people could open their eyes to what is happening, understand the pain and suffering caused by the lockdowns, see through the propaganda, stop complying and bring others with them, this could all end very soon.

There are influential groups with at least some power who are making progress. Lawyers are working to prosecute the WHO, scientists and governments for illegally quarantining healthy people, removing their human rights and closing their businesses unlawfully. People are rising up and protesting all over the world, although you will not see any coverage of this in the mainstream media. In Spain, police have started joining the protesters, realising that loss of democracy will affect their lives also.

Keep reading and researching and find out what is really going on. Turn off the TV and find alternative media that will reveal the truth. Freedom-loving people are flocking to Parler, Gab and other alternatives after the recent censorship drive by Big Tech. Although your friends and family will likely reject your ideas as a crazy conspiracy, don’t give up, but keep trying to find kindred sprits. Each on teach one. Spread the word on social media- while you still can. Some groups such as Back To Normal in the UK produce information cards which can be ordered and distributed anywhere you can locally. The most important thing is to network with people who might have some kind of influence in the community, such as lawyers, doctors, teachers or local politicians.

History Professor Timothy Snyder has a useful list of 20 ways of combatting tyranny which is worth reading here.

The reason the people behind this process are winning at the moment because the public simply cannot believe this could be happening. They are sitting back and hoping it will blow over, or that someone else will come and save them That is not going to happen. The global technocratic takeover is underway and they have placed all their cards on the table. For them, there is no going back. If they are somehow stopped now, all will be revealed and we will indeed see a global awakening.

2020 Vision: Reset or Awakening?

More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.

Woody Allen

End of the year and the CCP/WEF flu-detat is well underway around the world. The curtain has been pulled back to reveal that nothing was as we had believed. Lockdowns have changed our reality forever.

This was the year we discovered that governments, health services, and much of the professional class in general care not a wit about human well-being and are so lacking in moral principles and empathy they are prepared to see the collapse of civilisation, the dismantling of freedom and liberal democracy, the descent into fascism and totalitarian control, rather than risk their own careers, reputation or any approbation from their peers. We have discovered finally that we are ruled by psychopaths.

A few relatively simple tricks to ensure maximum fear have allowed the CCP and WEF to rapidly move closer to enslaving humanity: fake PCR tests that can ramp up the number of “cases” at will; a completely bogus idea that you are “infected until proven safe”- the “asymptomatic transmission” scam; the lie Covid-19 is an entirely novel disease with no pre-existing immunity in the population, that is so serious it poses an existential threat to society, and that the spread of a virus can be stopped by suspending all our basic human rights.

The fabrication of truth has been so easy to churn out for months on end once the formula was established. Test like mad, report positive test results as “cases” and show them nightly on a scary-looking graph to terrify the nation. More lockdowns! comes the demented cry Lock them all down! Lock down harder longer! the most frenzied demands coming from the public themselves, but only that class that has not had to close their businesses, who have not lost their jobs, who can comfortably work from home enjoying their Zoom calls. Childless millennials are the worst, the nouveau professional class, ahistorical, apparently unaware of the desperation being caused all around them, oblivious to the collapse of their own society even as they order another Wolt takeout to enjoy during a conference call.

Senior and middle-ranking officials and administrators in all sectors- politics, education, healthcare, media- won’t speak out, although many if most must understand full well what is going on. They want furlough to go on forever, unwilling to do their jobs at all in many cases, happy to stay home on full salary while Rome burns around them. Those heroes that have spoken out are likely to lose their jobs or be turned on by aggressive bloodthirsty Twitter mobs. Many at all levels- a shocking number- are in fact the hardest of hard-core communists, their true colours now showing in a way that could have been guessed perhaps had we been paying more attention to their sympathies with insane climate change goals and calls for population reduction.

Politicians of all stripes are CCP agents or fully signed-up members of the 4th Industrial Revoluton. Carefully put in place, bought or blackmailed by a vast network of Chinese spies who have infiltrated every aspect and level of public and cultural life in the west over decades. To the technocrats, humanity are just rats in a cage to be played with for their own curiosity and benefit.

Once you control the media, you control the narrative, and once you control the narrative, you can, it seems, manipulate entire populations any way you choose. As most people gain all of their information from the Gates-funded mainstream media, which pumps out a constant dirge of fear-porn and scary-looking graphs, all capacity for reason and rational thought has been effectively switched off. Covid-deniers and conspiracy theorists lurk under every bed, maskless maniacs at the cashier waiting to kill your granny.

Propaganda and double-speak are everywhere. I stopped watching the MSM- which I consumed almost exclusively through BBC Radio 4 online- in April when it became inescapable that they had become merely the mouthpiece for government policy. Through social media- Facebook, and then Twitter (which I again started looking at after some years of leaving it aside) I had already seen numerous interviews, and dozens of articles, from world-renowned scientists such as Professor Sunetra Gupta from Oxford with perfectly reasonable, measured and science-based alternatives to economy-destroying lockdowns, that their absence from the mainstream airways was as palpable as gravy missing from Christmas dinner. The BBC has been clearly biased towards climate change alarmism for years, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised, but to see so clearly the state broadcaster become a British Pravda was stunning.

Equally shocking has been the emergence of a new self-appointed Stazi class. Virtue-signalling has become the primary moral compass, fear its silent police force. A whole new breed of snitches and enforcers have emerged ready to shop you in for flouting lockdown rules. Like the sad busy-bodies in Valley of the Squinting Windows, wannabe Covid-Marshals are everywhere, more than willing to do the government’s enforcement work for them.

“Look at these crazy people- don’t they realise how dangerous this is?!” comes the rabid screams from social media underneath photos of people out cycling or walking in the park, as the most basic everyday pleasures and harmless activities became outlawed and viewed as vile depravities overnight back in March.

Everything fun is banned. This is the new Protestantism, a new Prohibition. Echoing Greta Thunberg- who abruptly disappeared from view when the pandemic struck but now seems to have paved the way for this flood of self-righteousness- they relish in their indignation at their fellow citizens- How dare people want to have normal lives and enjoy themselves! How dare young people go out and party! How dare people want to see their families, be social animals, meet friends, travel! How dare they, in a word, want to be human, express and fulfil their humanity! Now all these poor, sad, empty, emotionally crippled beings among us can find meaning and fulfil their true destiny of telling the rest of us how to live our lives.

I am not guiltless or immune myself. Back in March for the first lockdown, instilled with fear by the infamous viral article by CCP-agent Pueyo (whose online teaching company made $80m off the back of the lockdowns he himself helped to enforce) to socially-distance, I terrorised my own family into eating separately, avoiding contact and wearing masks -over mouth AND nose- gripped by my own rational understanding, so I thought, of the potential exponential growth rate in infections. “The hospitals will be over-whelmed!” I intoned daily for a while. But even then I knew lockdowns could not possibly be a long-term policy for civil society without causing untold destruction.

What shocks me more than anything is societies’ willingness to mask and socially distance children. We look out the window at the yard where residents walk their dogs to see a father and young child, no more than 2 or 3 years old, wearing a mask. Outside, with no-one else nearby. Children are immune to Covid, and there has been not a single case found of a child under the age of 10 transmitting the virus to an adult in mountains of data, but even if there was some risk, surely anyone can see that putting a mask on a child is wrong. Yet in some countries, masks are mandated for children and teenagers even in class, for several hours a day. How has this been possible? Parents and teachers alike are culpable in this child abuse. If parents are so easily manipulated into surrendering the well-being of their own children in such a basic way, what hope is there for any sense returning to the world? Children being born from this year will grow up wearing masks their whole lives without ever knowing normality.

How could we not have seen this coming? The infiltration of civil society by far-left ideology has been going on for decades. I was lucky enough to have had in my education a course on sociology that taught me the problems with post-modernism, which undermines any sense of Truth or Reality. “Create your own reality!” is the New Age adage, conveniently absolving you from any responsibility and side-stepping all the awkwardness and challenges of daily life that help us grow and mature. But after years of flirting with such cultural relativism, and then becoming an environmentalist going through Deep Ecology and the Peak Oil movement, fearing ecological collapse and resource-depletion, I became persuaded that in fact humanity had the capacity to continually adapt and innovate, and that progress through science and technology was still possible far into the future.

More recent warnings that Google and Big Tech were collecting all our data and could be a threat to democracy did not worry me- so what if they send me useful adverts for stuff I like? How wrong I was. Now we see how perniciously the seductive power of social media has been, luring us into giving up all our privacy, merrily sharing everything about every aspect of our lives with technocrats who do have sinister and evil intent.

“Some morning people will awake to discover with surprise that quite a few gentle and kind things have begun to have offensive and lethal characteristics.

Unrestricted Warfare Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui 1999

The frog is nicely boiling. From three weeks to flatten the curve to permanent lockdown, many seem to be only too willing to give up their liberty for less than a song, with no concept of how hard it was was won for them by their forebears. They cannot see what is happening to them even as the noose tightens, unwilling to accept they might have been wrong, balking at the more terrifying truth- that their government has been lying to them and will quite happily see their lives destroyed- than give up the illusion that one more lockdown and this will all be over. For others, the moral superiority gained by chastising others for “breaking the rules” is a vindication, giving a sense of purpose and self-worth previously missing. Divide and rule. Rising “cases” is always because someone else broke the rules and never because trying to stop a virus is like trying to stop the waves.

What lies in store for 2021? I will explore two scenarios:

The Great Reset

Almost certainly the year will start with longer and harder lockdowns everywhere. The next phase of the Great Reset will be implemented after the WEF have their annual get-together at Davos in January. Vaccine rollouts will continue apace, digital health passports brought into some countries quite soon. New killer strains of Covid will be discovered, perhaps a more deadly version Covid 20/21, or perhaps the threatened cyber attack, leading to further, ever more punitive lockdowns, testing how much we can endure. Economic collapse will ensue by the summer, the ranks of the homeless and the starving will swell, the elderly infirm and disabled will be sacrificed as health and food systems crumble. Survivors will be offered the salvation of digital currencies in exchange for surrendering any property they have left, and succumbing to total digital surveillance. Ongoing DNA-altering vaccines will be injected on a regular basis, finally allowing the new Masters of the Universe their goal of genetically engineered and remotely-controlled sub-class of cyborgs to be created to support them indefinitely while they enhance their own bodies and minds to extend their lifespans to approaching immortality and begin to finally explore the cosmos in earnest. The Great Reset will have been implemented and a new era of Transhumanism has begun.

The Great Resist and Awakening

On January 6th Trump begins to turn the tables after a vast rally of supporters descend on Washington D.C. for the electoral college votes. Courts demand recounts in the key states and the world is shocked to the core as the election result of November is overturned and Trump is returned to the Whitehouse for a second term.

Allegations of election fraud begin to be taken seriously. Court cases ensue, at first against low-ranking electoral officials, but the scandal starts to rise and pressure eventually is brought against Biden, senior and junior, for corruption and collusion with a foreign power. Charges of treason begin to be talked about.

The Democrats call foul and the first few months see a repeat of 2016 with a substantial part of the country chanting “Not My President!” Violence breaks out in many cities between Antifa and Trump supporters, eventually quelled by the National Guard. Unabashed, a triumphant Trump tours the country, lockdowns are ended in all but the most hard-core Blue States, and a very shaky economic recovery begins as businesses and schools re-open. Section 230 is repealed and Google, Facebook and Twitter broken up. A full investigation into electoral fraud and the role of China is instigated. A purge against CCP operatives is undertaken. Diplomatic ties between China and the US are placed under great strain and there is increasing talk of a cold or even hot war. Amazon is taken to court for tax evasion.

Trump’s Warp Speed vaccine program continues but is brought to a halt by Easter with growing concerns about side-effects. RNA vaccines are shelved pending much more rigorous testing procedures.

In Europe, Reiner Fuellmich’s case is brought against Drosten and Tedros and injunctions granted. The ICC starts proceedings against the WHO for crimes against humanity. Widespread protests against lockdowns in many cities gather momentum and, following Italy at the end of 2020, more and more courts rule against the use of PCR testing to enforce quarantines and curfews. One by one, countries start to role back from lockdowns as new more reliable lateral flow tests are introduced, revealing that the spread of Covid is now minimal.

Lockdowns are ended in the UK where a Covid Crimes Tribunal is brought against members of the British Government including the Prime Minister and Health Secretary. A new election is called after a large-scale Conservative back-bench revolt, and a new government coalition is formed between the Heritage Party and Reclaim. For the first time in British history, a Constitution is written in which it is enshrined that the government can never again have the power to impose any kind of lockdown restrictions, or quarantine the healthy, without a referendum and full parliamentary oversight again.


We have been conned into destroying much of what is good and true and beautiful in the world for a virus overall not much more than a bad flu, with a survival rate of 99.8%, much higher even for younger age groups. Now we can see this was possible, perhaps we have to ask, is our society really worth saving anyway? At the very least, we have to accept that we have profound flaws in our make-up as a species, flaws and blindspots which make us vulnerable to groupthink, and an immense propensity to self-delusion. I have always believed that humanity contains the best and worst of everything, but this is the year we discovered that the extent of human evil goes far further than most could have imagined.

Will we be able to find within us something far better as well, that can elevate us out of this dire situation onto some higher plain of consciousness and finally achieve a Great Awakening?

A Convergence of Conspiracies

Is Covid a Conspiracy or a Cock-up?

They want to get more control, and it’s going to be quarantines and curfews. Unless the American people start to find some new way to revolt, a new way to organise, unless we can break through the apathy…. then it’s going to be a slave state here. The ruling class doesn’t seem to have too much resistance, they are getting everything on their Christmas shopping list, and they’ve been wanting curfews and quarantines for a long time, now they got it. And if you want to live in a world where you are tricked into all this stuff, because it’s ‘for your safety’, and if you want o have a probe, and have to check your pockets, and be monitored every time you step out of your house… if you want to have that world, then be apathetic, don’t do anything, you’re gonna get that world, it’s coming your way very soon, definitely.

Wake up, learn about it, and go and fight these bastards in Washington, they are easy to beat, if we can just organise, we can beat them. It’s simple, they are weak, and there are so few of them.

Harry Vox, NYC, 2014

Toby Young’s blog has been a beacon of data-driven rational thought and common sense amongst the insanity of Covidianism that has dominated the past year. A one-stop shop covering everything from ICU occupancy to eye-witness accounts of the latest protests, the blog has brought together some of the leading scientists and commentators in Britain and the world to challenge Covid orthodoxy and call for a more balanced approach.

Although not unaware of darker forces operating behind the scenes, Toby has consistently stuck to his guns when it comes it comes to conspiracy theories, rejecting the idea that the corona pandemic has been orchestrated by shady cabals, deep states, China, or Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset. Instead, he refers us to Hanlon’s Razor:

“never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

For Toby, the British government’s catastrophic handling of the pandemic can better be explained by a mixture of incompetence, group-think, an over-reliance on a very narrow range of “experts”, and a coincidental convergence of vested interests. After the initial knee-jerk reaction of lockdown in the spring, a moral panic was sustained through constant media fear-mongering, leading to the public demanding ever-more stringent measures, and the government responding in turn in a vicious cycle of self-destruction.

Toby’s friend and conservative ally James Delingpole- whose 2012 book Watermelons covers the Dark Marxist intentions of the environmental movement- has a different take, and the two of them have been duking it out on their podcast London Calling.

James suggests Toby should look into the Great Reset, Agenda 2021/30 and the role of China, and believes that the catastrophic events of 2020 the intentional results of decades of malevolent planning. How else, he asks, would you explain how a virus no worse than the 2017/8 ‘flu is being used to destroy the economy, and that we are now told we have to accept a “new normal” of social distancing, masks and lockdowns, without so much as a debate? How else can we explain, for example, the rendering of London, one of the greatest cities in the world, to a mere a husk, with this year being the equivalent of “ISIS going into Mosul” ?

Toby isn’t buying it though- what is their agenda? How are they benefitting by laying waste to the global economy? “There won’t be any world left for them to rule”. He explains the draconian response as being a “convergence of opportunism”, with an incompetent government digging deeper and deeper holes as it doubles-down on doing everything to limit Covid casualties, fearing it will be blamed for these but not for any collateral damage. “History is fundamentally driven by incompetence and stupidity.”

In a column he wrote in response to these spats, Toby writes of James:

 the coronavirus pandemic seems to have destroyed his internal filter. Bill Gates has gone from being just another liberal billionaire to an evil super-villain with a diabolical agenda — a cross between Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Megamind. He is the puppet master who is plotting to roll out a mass vaccination program, not to protect people from getting COVID-19, but so he can implant microchips in their brains. I’ve never quite got to the bottom of why James believes this — what’s Gates’s objective, exactly, other than to make even more money? It’s something to do with enslaving the human race, but to what purpose I’m not sure.

It is certainly true that the controlled destruction of the economy is counter-intuitive if you assume that the cabal behind the coup are thinking just in terms of money. We are used to simply “following the money” and assuming that the ruling class would at least like to see economic growth, if only for themselves to steal more of it. That’s capitalism, right?

When I first heard of lockdowns, I was astonished they could be considered in western societies, because of the obvious cost to the economy- not to mention the suspension of human rights. When they arrived in Europe, I assumed they could not possibly be sustained for long. When they were repeated in the autumn, and are now continuing into the winter and through to next spring, it is obvious that there is another agenda. But what?

As James alluded, what we are dealing with here is something completely new. The technocrats from the World Economic Forum, in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party, want nothing short of total control , and they will stop at nothing to get it. This means the enslavement of the human race. Forever.

Just as Stalin eliminated the kulaks -the prosperous peasant class- in the Soviet Union in the “Great Break” of collectivisation of 1929-32, the controlled elimination of the middle-classes through lockdowns, coupled with the astronomical government debt incurred by furloughs, will create complete dependency on the state. The ability to be an entrepreneur, to earn your own living by your own wits, will be replaced by a Universal Basic Income. The idea of a UBI has been around for some time, and it is a dangerous idea, because dependency means loss of liberty in very tangible ways.

Plans are also afoot for the end of cash, which will be supplanted by a centrally controlled digital currency. Feel like tweeting something agains the government restrictions? Your account may be frozen- and there will be nothing you can do about it. ID2020 is the plan for total digital surveillance of every citizen in the world, with digital health or “immunity” passports recording your vaccine status already being widely discussed. Modelled on the Chinese social credit system and powered by millions of 5G substations, face-recognition cameras and digital bar-codes giving or denying access to every service based on your credit rating, the infrastructure started to appear in the west for some time before Corona.

Driving all this is the psychopathic cult of Technocracy. Patrik Wood’s book Technocracy Rising follows the emergence of what can best be seen as a technocratic cult from a cauldron of ideologies including eugenics, Marxism and Fabian socialism in the 1920s. This is not a political movement according to Wood, but rather an ideology that aims to supplant politics once and for all with technocratic social engineering. The whole of human society will be reduced to energetic units, all behaviour controlled to the level of inputs and outputs of a system. We can see the workings of this clearly in the obsession with R-numbers and models, the technocratic sermons delivered by government advisors such as the UK health advisors Vallance and Whitty. Only the measurable is valid, all other human concerns left by the wayside as irrelevances, all human agency surrendered to the edicts of technocratic experts.

Simply put, they believed that the actions of human beings, both direct and indirect, were the root cause of societal problems and that they were directly related to biology, climate and natural resources. The absence of enlightened scientific management would doom mankind to certain destruction. It is not coincidental that the most visible and manipulative modern agents of change – Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, global warming, the U.N.’s green economy and the modern ecology movement, etc. – all hold to the same underlying assumptions.

Patrik Wood, Technocracy Rising, 2014

To believe that there has not been intense, international and co-ordinated planning over many years to instigate unprecedented changes to every aspect of our lives almost overnight is to ignore extensive documentation of the evidence.

Can we really explain the astronomical., unprecedented debt the government has racked up, and the inevitable total social and economic collapse that will soon follow, as “group think” gone wrong and too much reliance on the scientific advisors? Rather, this is the logical next step in a communist take-over: this will be have to be paid back by the tax-payer. Hyper-inflation, massive tax increases and capital levies will follow. Pensions will be raided, savings drained. Eventually, your property will be commandeered. The state will own everything and there will be no way or surviving outside of this dystopian new world.

“You will own nothing, and be happy” states a WEF promotional video for what might be in store for us in 2030.

How do we account for the fact that the majority of western governments around the world are apparently acting in lockstep? The world’s media- mainstream and digital- all sing from the same hymn-sheet, ignoring and censoring alternatives proposed by thousands of scientists of global standing? The abrupt U-turn by the WHO in March on many aspects of epidemiological advice, from asymptomatic transmission, to mask-wearing, to lockdowns? Is it really a conspiracy mindset to have serious questions when Bill Gates- a vaccine salesman who has no medical training, but who has been foisting vaccines on the developing world for years- is repeatedly wheeled out by the BBC to tell us we have to cower in our homes until the whole world is vaccinated?

The evidence of a grand plan to take over the world is unfortunately all there in plain sight, not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact, not an accidental convergence of short-term vested interests, but a convergence of long-standing ambitions of powerful elites who have indeed conspired for decades to gain control of the whole world.

Cultural anthropologist Aya Velázquez has a great analysis of the diabolical collaboration that has brought together China with “The Great Reset”:

Many people are asking themselves in the corona crisis why the countries of the earth are acting so synchronously, as if they were already under the leadership of an invisible “Corona World Government”. During the relentless ascent of China and descent of the USA, new transnational circles of power have long since arisen out of the dying empire: Big Data, Big Pharma, and Big Money. Remarkably enough, they find themselves in a historic and unique convergence of interests with China; “Stay Home!”, social distancing, the destruction of the middle class, the “reset” of the crumbling global economic system and the associated, historically unprecedented movement of capital from the bottom to the top benefits them all. The imperial ambitions of China and Western corporate globalists are not currently opposed to each other as long as everyone gets his piece of the pie. China propagates lockdowns worldwide to economically weaken its opponents and to export its own cultural model.

China has been infiltrating the west for decades, carefully buying up businesses, stealing technology, and extending cultural hegemony through our universities, so much so that Imperial College- which spawned the Ferguson’s notorious models of doom early in the pandemic- is best seen as a foreign office of the CCP.

Western oligarchs have similarly been working behind the scenes as the “Deep State” through the Trilateral Commission to transform every aspect of local governance. Their most important vehicle has been Agenda 21, a supposedly environmental programme which has been adopted by every city and local council in the world, but is actually a cover for the total control of all resources, land, nature and capital.

The idea of accelerating these plans using a staged pandemic has also been around for a while. In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation produced Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development which outlines the “Lockstep” future scenario with uncannily close resemblance to the events of 2020, wherein a pandemic leads to

A world of tighter top-down government control and more
authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing
citizen pushback

Harry Vox, quoted at the top of this blog, warned that failure to pay attention to these scenarios, would lead to the US becoming a “slave state”:

Much of these transformative plans are laid out in detail in the book published in the summer by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, Covid-19- the Great Reset. Despite knowing that Covid is a mild disease, Schwab sees Covid-19 as the crisis that must not go to waste, that should be used for a rapid transformation to allow global governance under the auspices of the “4th Industrial Revolution”, including the digitalisation of everything and ultimately to fulfil his transhumanist agenda.

Hancock and Johnson are fully onboard with this agenda and work closely with the WEF. A vast surveillance and propaganda machine has already been created by the British government, drawing on decades of psychological studies of how to change human behaviour with fear and other manipulation.

Governments could easily back out of the lockdowns at this stage, claiming (falsely) success as herd immunity builds up and the virus becomes less virulent. At this stage, any government that begins cautiously re-opening the economy, allowing businesses to continue, letting children go back to school, and restoring civil liberties, would be praised and revered as saviours. Instead, as the crisis enters 2021, we are seeing ever more destructive policies, ever more insane fear-mongering, a move deeper and deeper into irrationality and anti-science, and an increasing awareness amongst the population that this nightmare is never going to end.

No doubt there are strong elements of “convergent opportunism” that has allowed this all to happen. For the lower echelons of administrative power, simply taking the money, following orders to keep jobs, accepting the whip from peer groups and witch hunts, buying into the need for top-down control over the population that has been pushed for years via climate change and socialist networks, has become an almost inevitable reaction in these circumstances for all but a few brave whistleblowers.

There is no yearning, as Toby Young suggests James Delingpole has, for a “simple” explanation of some evil mastermind behind the curtain. The curtain has long since been drawn back for those with eyes to clearly see. Rather, the truth that is revealed is so much worse than a mere virus- which together we would surely find the strength and ingenuity to defeat- that instead we would give nearly anything for it not to be true.