Peak Oil Personalities

A new book edited by Dr. Colin Campbell of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil will be published by Inspire Books in Skibbereen in November.
Peak Oil Personalities is a collection of biographical sketches compiled by Dr.Campbell, featuring Jean Laherrere, Richard Heinberg, Michael Ruppert, Jeremy Leggett, Chris Skrebowski and your humble blogger, myself.

In 2007 I contributed a chapter on community responses to peak oil to a booklet by Colin called Living Through the Energy Crisis. For a couple of years around that time I had been a vociferous advocate of preparing for peak oil, believing that the only suitable response was a radical reduction in energy use and a return to a simpler, lower-tech lifestyle, growing one’s own food and developing community.

More recently, I have begun to question when Peak Oil might occur, whether there will be opportunities for substitution, or how significant even the event of peak oil might be. I no longer believe that peak oil necessarily will mean peak energy or the beginning of the end of industrial society. It is much more likely that we will see continued and ongoing technological progress far into the future, and while fossil fuels are clearly not infinite, they will still be providing the lions’ share of our energy for the forseeable future. These are just some of the issues I intend to explore on Skepteco, so please stay tuned!

I had written my chapter a couple of years ago, when still a “doomer”, and then forgot all about it. When Colin came back to me last year asking me to review it for publication at first I suggested he leave me out, as my views were changing and I was not sure any more what I thought about the effects of peak oil. To his credit, Colin persuaded me to merely add a paragraph indicating my change of views, and so I am still in the book.

I havn’t read any of the other chapters yet and am really looking forward to reading what the other contributors have to say. I will write a full review later when the book comes out.

Download the promo poster, with more information about the contributors here:

PeakOilPromo copy


One thought on “Peak Oil Personalities

  1. Please, please. please just what is the point of this sort of book other than selling books and the relentless
    self promotion of the participants?

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