Wake Up and Smell the Dino Farts!

Most of us have probably heard about cows producing methane as a potent greenhouse gas, which apparently could be roughly equivalent to emissions from driving a car for each cow. A recent paper suggests that methane produced by dinosaur flatulence over 150million years ago could have contributed to a massive temperature increase- average
global temperatures are estimated to have been some 18degrees C higher than today.

With the abject failure of Kyoto-style emissions reductions and increases of coal burning not just in fast-developing China and India, but in post-nuclear Germany and Japan as well, and now new French president Hollande also rolling back on nuclear it might give us pause for thought that, if the worst fears for man-made global warming are true, we may be heading the same way as our over-sized reptilian ancestors.

@ChairmanAl put it succinctly in a tweet that had me chortling for quite a while:

So no UK nuke, less wind,less solar, CCS forever expensive, gas power GHG grandfathered for 40years. Wake up and smell the dino farts folks!


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