Facing the Great Reset in 2021

The first 10 days into the new year have already seen high drama. With the extraordinary events in Washington on January 6th leading to the Night of the Long Keystrokes as Twitter deleted the President’s account and began a purge of thousands of conservatives from their platforms, it feels like the globalists are showing their hand ever more clearly. This is a dangerous time with the democrats calling for impeachment for Trump supporters to be criminalised as terrorists. This will hardly lead to the unification of the country the incoming administration is promising. Instead, the US is looking increasingly like China with every passing day.

All democratic values have been under threat since last spring and now the pressure is being ramped up very rapidly. We are being lead by psychopaths with god-complexes who believe they have the right to determine the future of the whole of humanity who they wish to enslave permanently. That they have managed to fool most of the world’s population with a scam pandemic is only reinforcing their belief that they are vastly superior and we are just their play-things, rats in a cage for them to do with and experiment on as they please.

Many reading this will dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist, including many who know me well as a rational well balanced person who is not prone to making wild outlandish predictions. If this applies to you, I am unlikely to persuade you at this stage, but you may still like to read on for amusement. It will give me no satisfaction to be able to say “I told you so” further down the line, and by then it will be too late anyway. A surprisingly large proportion of the population seem so incapable of ever questioning authority they will never accept the truth even as they are being fed to the wolves.

The current restrictions we have been experiencing since March last year are nothing to with a virus, which is only a pretext to generate fear. Covid-19 did increase deaths in spring for a short while but we know that overall is that this virus is not much worse than a bad flu, and the response of unprecedented lockdowns, masks and social distancing is completely disproportionate. This is not about epidemiology, but control.

The lockdowns, previously unknown to science or the general public, are fake CCP “science” sold by China to a naive and panicked west to destroy our economies. According to Michael Senger and a team of scientists and health professionals in a letter just published to several western security agencies, lockdowns constitute a “fraud of unprecedented proportion.” By corrupting government agencies around the world, China has enacted a devastating blow against its rivals and is now close to global dominance.

Throughout 2020, lockdown measures have been quite popular, but that popularity is deceptive. For the general public, the idea that anyone might accept some outside incentive to support such devastating policies while knowing them to be ineffective — needlessly bankrupting millions of families and depriving millions of children of education and food — is, quite simply, too dark. Thus, the public supports lockdowns because the alternative — that they might have been implemented without good cause — is a possibility too evil for most to contemplate. But those who know history know that others with superficially excellent credentials have done even worse for even less.

The global elites orchestrating the lockdowns have almost complete control of the media, which has been pumping out a continual diet of fear-porn for months, with all contrary voices and opinions censored and ignored. Recent events in the US, seeing the President barred from numerous social media platforms while real despots make death threats with impunity, show how dangerously this can escalate. Many people consume government propaganda through their TV for hours every day, whipping themselves into a frenzy of terror about an invisible enemy. Yet everything the mainstream media, which is then endlessly parroted on social media, is a lie.

Statistics on deaths, hospitalisations and infections are simply fabricated or mis-represented out of context with nothing to compare to. For most countries, the death rate is comparable to a bad flu season. Hospitals are regularly overburdened in the winter season, a fact that frequently makes the front pages, but only the intense focus of the media this year has created the impression that this is a unique situation requiring drastic action.

The basis of this fraud is the PCR test which can give a “positive” result for nearly anything, and is incapable of identifying infectiousness. Once the number of deaths declined in the summer- respiratory diseases are seasonal- the media switched to reporting “cases” usually expressed as a total number, not a percentage. Want more “cases”? Then do more tests! Simple. Hospitalisations and deaths the same- all inpatients are tested for Covid, and the hospitals have a financial incentive for maximising “Covid” patients, filling the wards with even mild cases, while if anyone happens to die of any cause- be it a heart attack or in some cases even an accident- they can be labelled a “Covid” death after a positive test, shown on scary graphs later on the evening news. The response will always be demands for stricter measures.

This misattribution muddies the waters when looking at the impact of Covid on total mortality; but even in the US which has seen one of the highest levels of excess deaths, up a a third of these may have been a result of the lockdown, which has disrupted health services, lead to old people dying of neglect, and an increase in suicides amongst younger age groups. Since this virus mainly attacks the old and co-morbid, differences between countries is mainly explained by how bad the flu was last year- where there was a lot of flu deaths, Covid has been rather mild; where there was a mild flu season, leaving more people susceptible this year, deaths will be higher. But as the virus moves through the population and herd immunity develops- young people are scarcely affected- the virus will inevitably mutate into strains which are more infectious, but less deadly. A virus does not want to kill you, just replicate and spread, and the best way for it to do this is through young healthy people who will have mild symptoms.

The correct response was to protect the vulnerable, give more resources to hospitals, and otherwise carry on as normal, allowing herd immunity to build up naturally. There was never any excuse for locking up the entire population. Instead, we have killed countless elderly in cruel isolation, created an epidemic of mental illness, driven many to despair and suicide, and completely destroyed our economies. Given the considerable resources that continues to be put into propogandizing the population and controlling the patently false media narrative that there “is no alternative,” it stretches credulity to claim this is just bad management.

There are a large number of psychopaths in the population at large who are having their wet dreams of being able to legitimately control other human beings realised by the events of the past year. They are fanatically, hysterically calling for ever more stringent restrictions of the most sadistic nature, from masking small children and depriving them of a social life and education, to locking people in their homes, to condemning the elderly to finishing their lives in solitary confinement with all human contact prohibited. If we continue down this path, as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi warns, humanity will head to its doom.

The Road Ahead to Ruin

The sociopaths driving the Great Reset/aka Agenda 21/aka The Fourth Industrial Revolution/aka Build back Better- have no empathy for us. For them, lockdowns, forced vaccinations and digital IDs are a giant experiment. The end goal is for humanity to be controlled as a kind of sub-species to do the bidding of our overlords without even and free-will, simply chipped and programmed by algorithms while our rulers engage in fantasies of transhumanist immortality. For those who have been following the globalist agenda laid out by the World Economic Forum will already have a good idea of the direction in which we are headed.

Lockdowns will be indefinitely extended. While the precise rules may change and even be temporarily relaxed slightly, they are likely to get much stricter.

Everything will be forced online- shopping, education, health-care, entertainment and ofcourse, social media. Face-to-face meetings will become increasingly rare and unusual. Schools may not fully re-open, f at all. The family unit will come under increasing pressure.

All small and medium-sized businesses including hospitality will fold. Theatre, cinemas, gyms, pubs or restaurants will be a thing of the past for the vast majority of us. Unemployment will increase, along with poverty and eventually real hunger and food shortages.

Business districts in cities will be completely gutted and the entire real estate bought up for pennies on the pound or simply confiscated by the state. As increasing numbers of people will fall into debt, this appropriation of private property will include private homes as well. The vacant premises will be used to house immigrants or those evacuated from the countryside, as populations are herded into densely-packed cities where they can be more closely monitored and controlled. The rollout of 5G technology is intended to provide the infrastructure for constant surveillance.

Eventually, keeping true to the Hegelian-dialectic of problem-reaction-solution, having steered the ship into the iceberg and sunk it, the state will offer desperate citizens a lifeboat: this will take the form of a centralised digital banking system over which they will have complete control, accompanied by the end of cash. At the same time, ID2020 will mean digital health passports for all, perhaps on our phones or some wearable devices, and access to any services including food shops will require this pass.

Once this is achieved, the entire population will have been enslaved and the global elites will have achieved total control over us. Any dissent will simply be met with the state withdrawing- or closing- our digital bank accounts.

Continual vaccination will be enforced as the elites experiment with genetically engineering the surviving members of humanity. The ultimate goal is a self-regulating class of cyborgs who do all the work and provide necessary services, while the elite get to enjoy their self-appointed role of Masters of the Universe. They aspire to use all the world’s resources for their own benefit, and to limit resource use by the slave class (us) to the absolute minimum required to perform essential functions. The ruling class aspire to ultimately achieve eternal life through bio-engineering, and engage in space exploration.

What you can do

Is this rather grim outlook inevitable? No. It can be stopped if there is a mass awakening. The problem is, although this has been characterised as the Third World War, the enemy is everywhere and nowhere- we can see who is driving this assault on humanity, but we are not united. There are many here among us who also have been clamouring for population reduction and totalitarian control for a long time. Misanthropy has been carefully nurtured and propagated through the environmental movement for decades, and many have been conditioned to see their fellow humans as a virus that is spreading out of control. This more than anything else explains how this process is taking place.

But if people could open their eyes to what is happening, understand the pain and suffering caused by the lockdowns, see through the propaganda, stop complying and bring others with them, this could all end very soon.

There are influential groups with at least some power who are making progress. Lawyers are working to prosecute the WHO, scientists and governments for illegally quarantining healthy people, removing their human rights and closing their businesses unlawfully. People are rising up and protesting all over the world, although you will not see any coverage of this in the mainstream media. In Spain, police have started joining the protesters, realising that loss of democracy will affect their lives also.

Keep reading and researching and find out what is really going on. Turn off the TV and find alternative media that will reveal the truth. Freedom-loving people are flocking to Parler, Gab and other alternatives after the recent censorship drive by Big Tech. Although your friends and family will likely reject your ideas as a crazy conspiracy, don’t give up, but keep trying to find kindred sprits. Each on teach one. Spread the word on social media- while you still can. Some groups such as Back To Normal in the UK produce information cards which can be ordered and distributed anywhere you can locally. The most important thing is to network with people who might have some kind of influence in the community, such as lawyers, doctors, teachers or local politicians.

History Professor Timothy Snyder has a useful list of 20 ways of combatting tyranny which is worth reading here.

The reason the people behind this process are winning at the moment because the public simply cannot believe this could be happening. They are sitting back and hoping it will blow over, or that someone else will come and save them That is not going to happen. The global technocratic takeover is underway and they have placed all their cards on the table. For them, there is no going back. If they are somehow stopped now, all will be revealed and we will indeed see a global awakening.

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